Saturday, April 25, 2009

JSB - Junior Senior Banquet

Last November, the juniors chose as an overall theme "The Lord of the Rings" and eventually we came up with this title for the evening "The Company of Many - The Pursuit of One" using Ephesians 4:4-6 from the Message as our foundation. Our story line for the evening went something like this.... a fourth Tolkien book was discovered entitled "The Company of Many" and the junior class came into possession of an ancient copy of the text. It tells the story of Bilbo returning to the Shire from the Undying Lands to seek another legendary power to replace his 'precious' and recruiting the senior class of Dalat Intrashire School to go on an adventure for him since he is so old. He gives the class clues to decipher from a seven line elvish poem. The seniors go in seven groups to different locations to search for the power Bilbo seeks but alas, all faced obstacles and returned to the Shire empty handed. It was at this point, the Great Elders, aka class sponsors, helped the seniors put the clues together to see that one letter in each clue was highlighted. When placed in the right order the letters spelled "oneness" and that, they realize, is the best treasure of all! As Ephesians says, You were all called to travel on the same road and in the same direction, so stay together, both outwardly and inwardly. You have one Master, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who rules over all, works through all, and is present in all. Everything you are and think and do is permeated with Oneness. So the real treasure is to journey through life with the company of many good friends in pursuit of one thing, God Himself.

For each group of five students, we did a very short 30 second video of our seniors being chased by villains and turning back as well as video montages of their submitted baby and fun pictures. Each junior wrote a page long tribute to a senior friend and read it. We interrupted the program with three meal courses and lots of picture taking opportunties.

In keeping with our theme, we gave the seniors rings engraved with the theme and, because we could not secure copies of the fourth Tolkien book for them, individual photo books of tributes, pictures and words of encouragement from staff and students. We used the digital picture company Shutterfly and I highly recommend their user-friendly services.

The juniors created a six foot high Treebeard, an Ent from the forest of Fanghorn, that took hours upon hours to create from styrofoam and more paper mache than I ever went to see again in my life. They also painted cut-out photo ops of Gandalf and Frodo, Aragorn and Arwen and of course, ugly little Gollum. We used interior castle walls made of styrofoam to set the stage of being in a grand hall and put the seniors at two long tables with tall, glass candlesticks and shallow bowls of floating flowers. We held this event at the historic Eastern and Oriental Hotel in Georgetown, a old British establishment with outstanding balconies, crown mouldings and antique chandeliers. I heard the food was great although I only managed to grab two pieces of baguette, three mushrooms and a bit of creme caramel during the whole evening!!

After the evening was officially over at midnight, most people headed home on the waiting buses while we took everything down and packed up. After returning to campus and dropping stuff off, we picked up all our other dorm kids who were hanging out at a friend's house, got them to bed and went out as I mentioned in my previous post. I think I hit the pillow shortly after 2:30 pm and was up early this morning to get breakfast ready for hungry tummies.

Here are some pictures in a very random order....

My beautiful children (and I'm not biased either for goodness sake!)

At midnight with the junior class.

Annie took this picture from the balcony. She was asked to man the tables of gifts that guys and girls give each other but don't want to keep at their table. Since only grades 10-12 plus staff attend, this was a big honour for a ninth grader!!

The hot looking Archer women ... that's what Aunt Lana said ... I'm not really that arrogant!

My dear friend Lisa and me.

Tim and I with our favourite nurse.

Speaking of precious, here's my dear Lana!

Kaleb and his date, Chan Mi, standing next to Treebeard. Don't you love his new three piece pin striped suit? It was tailor made just for him!

Annie hugging one of the bigger gifts. I think she would have taken this home if she could have!

The book Tim made. We had the story printed on large pages and inserted. It's really cool :)

Joyce is a beautiful Indian girl who helps with the preschool program. I loved her sari! Notice my shoes - I switched from the uncomfortable fuchsia dress shoes to my Birkenstocks :) What a trendsetter I am! You know you are getting old when you choose comfort over style.....

Here is Treebeard. Four of our students made this from a picture and spent countless hours in the shop paper maching, molding and painting it.

The junior class executive - absolutely awesome kids to work with!

Our co-sponsors at the beginning of the evening!

And at the end......just before going home to their five little kids!!

Can we go home and go to bed now???????? Please!!!!


Anonymous said...

I could have stayed up way longer...i had four cups of coffee with lots of SUGAR!!

Little Vine said...

ok my suit looked nice, but my date!!! WOAH SHE WAS B-E-A-UTIFUL!!
I had a amazing time!