Saturday, April 25, 2009

A quick post

JSB is officially over and when I have time I'll post pics. Although to be honest, we didn't get many due to the fact we were running around all evening making sure all the juniors were doing what they were supposed to be doing and were where they were supposed to be. They did a fantastic job - really, these are some of the best teenagers anywhere and I loved watching them shine!

We are tired today after hitting Subaidah's for lime juice and roti bomb at 1:30 am with 28 of our stellar juniors. Tim is now putting stuff away while Kaleb and Abbie are down in the chapel preparing with the senior class the After JSB Dinner (we love to celebrate celebrations around here). This is the senior's 'thank you' to the junior class for all our hard work, blood, sweat and tears over the last four months to honor them. They will use our decorations and spin our theme for some much needed comedic relief. We are looking forward to that but will definitely need a nap before going.

Now that JSB is finished, we can concentrate our time on some other issues - a dorm trip this coming weekend, paperwork for leaving, getting the dorm in order, selling some of our things. Five weeks and its all over so here's to the strong finish and big push to the end!

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