Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Underwater pictures and more

We finally got the underwater cameras developed from our trip to Perhentian Island so here are a few pics of the world we discovered below the surface of the ocean.... Here is our group of snorkelers desperately trying to catch up with a turtle :)

One of the sharks we saw - about 5 ft long.

I thought this turtle was huge until we found some more in another location - they are massive creatures that can move very quickly.

Where did all the turtles go??

At one spot, we were given bread to feed the fish and this is a part of the frenzy. I got my fingers nipped!!
Annie took the following pictures with her newly repaired camera - she's got a good eye for photography.

Jacques Cousteau and his lovely assistant

Kaleb outside our beach hut.

This is Long Beach, a place famous in this area for a sandy beach and clear, blue water. Its backpacker heaven here.

The pictures below are from the guys fishing trip out in the deep waters. The 19 fish they caught were sure tasty!

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freetobeme said...

Looks like you had a great vacation!