Thursday, March 27, 2008

Island champs!!

This was the week for softball! Monday started with the U18 boys team playing a triple header. Unfortunately they lost all three games but were up against pretty stiffy competition, including a pitcher from the national boys team. Kaleb was disappointed not to be qualifying for state but all in all, they did well considering the boys have only been practicing since October. On Tuesday, our U18 girls, with Annie in left field, came in second in the division and are on their way to the State tourney. And yesterday, our U15 girls pulled it all together and we are now the Island Champions of that division heading to State in April. Annie played first base well and got three consecutive outs in the first inning!

The first team we lost to protested to the officials that Dalat as well as another team, CDK, had used the same pitcher and catcher for both U18 and U15 teams. This not stated in the official rulebook we were given but apparently was discussed at a meeting we were not aware of. I guess its one of those 'unwritten' rules! The protest against our team was dropped because its our first time in competition but it was not dropped against CDK so they are now disqualified. We have no idea at this point when State will be held and now, with this new rule, have to come up with a new catcher and pitcher for one of our teams in a short time frame. YIKES! Mark, the head coach, and I spent a long time discussing our options today.

Anyway, today is the medal ceremony so I'm taking a van load of excited girls to receive those.

The U18 team.

The U15 girls attempted to dump the cooler of ice water on Coach Mark after their big win but missed so it became a free for all water fight!

Big brother was the most faithful fun at Annie's fact, Kaleb, Tim and Mark's family were the only fans!

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