Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fun times

We celebrated Marigan's 18th birthday with strawberry cheesecake - such fun and then... Ben's 14th birthday again with cheesecake (I'm sensing a theme!)

Uncle Tim assisted the fifth grade boys in the fine art of kayaking.

Finally! the shelves are up and are a great addition to an empty wall.

We hosted senior treat on St Patrick's Day so green was the color of almost all of the food. Later I held a coloring contest and was amazed at how these seniors got into coloring shamrocks and leprechauns :) Serious business since so many of them are highly artistic.

We headed to the new waterpark for an afternoon of fun but guess what? It started to rain. No problem! We were wet anyway so we kept swimming and having fun. Those that didn't want to stay in the water ended up playing bingo.

Kaleb and Laurian pulled a train of ten double tubes around the lazy river three times.

On Easter Sunday, I took the kids to the lovely E&O Hotel (Eastern and Oriental). Its the oldest hotel in Penang and is absolutely gorgeous! We ate the scrumptious brunch on the oceanfront and very stuffed heading home.

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Kathy McFadden said...

Sounds like a fabulous Easter Weekend!