Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Well, this certainly has been the week for wildlife on campus. First, a young friend saw a rat climbing up the dorm kitchen wall via the drain pipes. His dad came to tell us that evening so we set the trap and voila! caught ourselves a decent sized rat, which has now met his untimely death. Then we heard banging on the porch roof and looked out to discover a Gibbon monkey running around and swinging from the trees. He eventually disappeared on the middle school roof. Monday was the most notable day for animal activity....I should say reptile activity. At lunchtime, the kids exiting the band room saw a long green tree snake slithering into a gutter. One of the maintenance fellows, who is quite fearless, caught it. Later that evening, one of the cleaning ladies was scared half to death when she came upon a python hiding under the bench....at the band room again!! This time, the fire department was called. It took four firemen to unwrap the snake from the bench. It weighed about 150 lbs. Both snakes were freed near Pearl Hill so when I'm out walking next time, I'll definitely be on the look out! The bright green tree snake caught by Susu.

The 7 foot long python just wanted somewhere to rest for awhile.


Kathy McFadden said...

UUUUGGGGHHH!! Thank goodness for people who aren't afraid to catch these reptiles....What an awesome experience at Balu's...sounds so interesting. How did the red team place????

freetobeme said...

I think I admire you, Shauna, for being so cool, calm, and collected! I wouldn't be.