Friday, July 06, 2007

A little R & R

After two days of lost luggage, no power at the cottage when we arrived and scads of cobwebs to clean today, we are finally settled in our cabin. We ended up all sleeping in the tent, with the wonderful fresh air and night sounds. It was a great sleep and, except for the wonderful sounds of the fiddlers attending camp, things are fairly quiet here.

Today we cleaned like crazy and tried to put stuff away. The storage room is a bit crowded with luggage and we didn't get all of the cotton scraped off the screens but there's always tomorrow for more work, right? Tim's folks arrived tonight, tired but happy to see us! I have not suffered any jetlag yet, which seems strange but it's quite fine by me. Thanks to the wireless internet in the camp lodge, I'll post off and on through our time here...maybe even some pictures now that I've laid my hands on the digital camera again.


pondering something said...

We are so happy to hear from you! Glad all is well with the cabin and clean now too. Have a wonderful, relaxing time. We are so sorry we can't come up to see you.

halliegirlconnected said...

hey aunt shawna!!! wow that SO sounds like an ordeal...glad that you're relaxing now, tho!!! can't wait to see you again at Dalat!!!