Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where are we?

In Chiang Mai, Thailand...a place we are beginning to love more and more everyday. We flew here on Monday, June 15, for some much needed R&R. So far we have enjoyed time with Gerry and Beth, friends from Dalat who moved here last week to begin new lives, a 2 km long series of ziplines through the rainforest that got our adrenalin pumping hard, time with the big tigers as they played, night market shopping during a torrential downpour this being wet season, pool time here at the Juniper Tree, shopping at the silver factory (ladies I'm coming home with goods to sell!!) and at the Mengrai Kilns Pottery shop, riding around in the truck taxis, visiting hilltribes, going to church and making lots of new friends. We are also attending personal sessions every day at Cornerstone Christian Counseling Centre and all four of us are learning bunches about ourselves and our family dynamics. We finish up there tomorrow and leave here Friday for one night in Bangkok (isn't that a song??). Bright and early Saturday morning, we make the 22 hour trek to Regina via Air Canada, which will the first time using that air carrier to go this far....stay tuned on that experience. I will post pictures of all these exciting events when I am relaxing next week at the cottage. Thanks for checking in!! And oh, please pray for no overweight luggage as we are once again maxed out on kgs.


Pam and Gene said...

We're glad you are enjoying your R&R before coming back to North America. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun, what with the tigers, night market and zip line (of which I'm jealous). Safe travels to you guys.....Gene

Kate said...

I agree with Gene..sounds like a blast...and I want to be first in line for the jewellry...hope you spent some money for me..can't you safe journey