Friday, June 12, 2009

Random pictures of the last two weeks

Here is a sampling of pictures taken over the last two weeks of the activites we enjoyed with with Tim's sister Pam, her husband Gene and Tim's parents. They left this morning to head back to the US.

Aunt Pam and Annie at Kaleb's graduation ceremony.

Lana and I together for one last photo op at grad.

We worked the 10K water station at the Malakoff 26K race last Sunday. This is at 5:20 am waiting for the first of 1600 runners. Our friends, Lyn and Debbie, ran and placed 2nd and 5th respectively in the women's category.

We enjoyed batiking for the final time. Kaleb joined us and between he, Annie and myself, we made 12 table napkins of various colours and patterns.

Aunt Pam and Grandma were good at it and enjoyed the painting except that it was desperately hot out that day.

Grandma was a good bargainer at the night market in Batu.

We all went out for market fresh breakfast one morning and this fellow asked Kaleb to help him make Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun, a rice dish. So Kaleb took a quick lesson and away he went!
The steam is hot so Kaleb had to work fast!
Here he is scraping the film of rice together with the shrimp.

Ta da! It wasn't too bad when we added the chili sauce :)

Tim and Rosie are good friends. She is the drink lady at the morning market and gave us all a round of free drinks for breakfast. Rosie recently underwent knee surgery so she no longer walks around taking orders - instead she sits on the stool and yells!!

This accident happened across from the school. The ice truck was going too fast and tipped over onto a car, which was completely scrunched underneath. The tow truck came and got the car out just as we drove up. We're not sure if there were any injuries or fatalities.Pam, Gene, Tim and I ferried out to Pulau Payar for a day of snorkeling. It was the most amazing snorkeling experience I've had so far - thousands of fish! We even swam with a 5 foot long barracuda with lots of sharp teeth!! It was gorgeous out there and we enjoyed the water and the beach.

We headed up Penang Hill for some cooler weather plus tea and scones at David Brown's Tea House. It was a lovely excursion and a great way to 'waste' a morning!

Tim's parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this week so we treated them to supper at the revolving restaurant in downtown Georgetown. In less than an hour, we went the whole 360 degrees around and could see the mainland, bridge, harbour and lights of the city.

Pam, Grandma and I went to the Kenko Fish Spa, where three sizes of fish 'eat' the dead skin on your feet. It was a wild experience to have these fish attack my feet! Thankfully we started in the tank with the smallest fish in order to get over the strange sensation. We moved onto the medium sized fish and finally, the aggressive large fish. Our feet were definitely well exfoliated after this!For their last meal with us, Kaleb wanted to take our guests to the Korean Palace for the ethnic specialities he loves. It is a one of a kind dining experience, that's for sure! The bbq is in the table and the thinly sliced meat is cooked by a server. Rice, bulgogi, pickled spinach, kimchi and many, many side dishes came with this. We had 69 dishes on the table at the end of the meal! And our waiter was a Nepali fellow ... working in a Korean restaurant in Malaysia! So funny :)
Our shipment went out today - 3.74 cubic metres or 21 lockers/boxes are now on the way to Canada. It takes approximately 45 days by boat to get to Vancouver and then a few days by truck to get to Calgary where we clear customs and pick up our stuff. A good portion of our clothes are in the crate so we are hoping it doesn't get stuck somewhere! We leave for Thailand early Monday morning and are only taking one suitcase plus carry on each.

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