Wednesday, June 03, 2009

More grad stuff

Kaleb's class put on a wonderful Senior Chapel on Monday evening - their way of leaving a final blessing with the Dalat community. They wore t-shirts that said Generation X and focused the evening on how to make a difference by doing little things. Some students gave personal testimonies about how Christ has changed their lives and the friends who have helped them on their faith journey. Others mentioned small ways friends and teachers had blessed them. It was an excellent way for these students to end a year of servant leadership among their fellow students.

This morning the Senior Wills and Assembly was held. Kaleb willed a tall styrofoam column from a previous drama set to George, a Superman belt to Santi and Alan, his dorm brothers who have issues with low riding pants, and a book to Nathan, another dorm brother who is a voracious reader. At the last minute, he also willed his Canadian flag to two middle school Canadian students, hoping they will keep the spirit alive!

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