Thursday, June 04, 2009

The future arrived

The future has arrived today

The future's alive, alive as can be

Just open your eyes, it's as plain to see

Just don't be afraid, just keep going on

One step at a time and you can't go wrong

It's time to create

Time to grow if you feel right

The world, yeah, she's changin'

Don't it make you feel alive

The future has arrived

The future has arrived today

(from Meet the Robinsons)

The future arrived for us tonight as Kaleb officially graduated from high school. No more classes, exams, homework, assignments, projects, field trips, sports teams, recesses, lunch hours, dress codes, library fines (!!), research papers. His high school career is behind him and the wide open future is before him. As their class verse from Galatians 1:15 reads, "God has special plans for me and set me apart for His work, even before I was born. He called me through His grace."

Here is part of the reflection that was read about him tonight by his Bible teacher, Mr. Hurlbut:

Kaleb, your mother says that your birth was a surreal moment. When you finally started breathing a light shone from heaven through the ceiling of the hospital and an angelic choir sang the Halleljuah chorus. OK, perhaps it wasn't that surreal but it was clear from the outset that you were a special child. When asked on your Dalat application, "What single event has had the greatest impact on your life?" you replied in typical Kaleb/postmodern fashion, "I have had a jumble of events that have caused me to be the way I am." Kaleb, you indeed are unique. Your heart for the underdog and for those on the periphery is a genuine reflection of Jesus - and your faith for the impossible is a gift that God wants to give to the world through you. Your pronounced social gifts enable you to navigate within a wide range of different people and to connect with them supernaturally.... Continue to question, Mr. Archer, and recognize that your curiosity is not an obstacle to faith but an avenue for His revelation. Continue to explore those crazy ideas, and then expect more than a few of them to take root and blossom. As you love others and follow faith you will leave a legacy.

Good thing I took Kleenex with me on stage!

Two little junior marshalls started the processional. They were so cute!

Kaleb, again first in his class down on the aisle.

I was asked to to the prayer of invocation and sat on stage with Rev. McLeod, the guest speaker, and Aunt Val, who gave the benediction.

Annie was an usher and, being seated last, had to sit across the aisle from Tim.

Kaleb receiving his diploma from Mr. Steinkamp, the school director. Dalat tradition has the graduates giving Mr. S. something at this point - this year it was Magee noodles and chocolate bars.

Kaleb and his grandparents who came all the way from the US for this occasion. Kaleb is the only Archer boy to carry on the name!

Family again - all smiles!

Kaleb and friends at the hotel before going to the Wailing Wall to sign yearbooks and to the Senior Party for final good byes.

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