Saturday, May 09, 2009

The week that was

Kaleb turnmed 18 this week and although he was sick, we held a party for him. He managed to eat one piece of his cake and blow out all his candles!

Annie picked out three t-shirts that all the kids contributed towards as gifts for Kaleb. He really liked this one.

We also held a party for all the dorm seniors in the Student Centre on the actual day of his birthday. We showed Corner Gas episodes from Season 5 and ate nachos and donuts.Tim's birthday was the next day so we celebrated as a family at Swensen's restaurant. We gave him a coffee press and a Chelsea Football Club jersey as he has now declared his allegiance to them, much to the chagrin of Kaleb, who is a diehard Man U fan. I am cheering for Barcelona so I think I'll get a jersey of theirs. Talk about divided loyalties! Barcelona and Man U play in the UEFA final after Barcelona narrowly beat out Chelsea last week.

Some faces of Chandler.....

Sabrina's piano recital was this week and she did very well!

And her dorm sisters came to support her :)

Fun at the beach one night as the sun was going down.....


Kate said...

Wish I was there to celebrate with you!!!

Glendyne Gerrard said...

not sure that wascana lake will quite be the same as the ocean - praying for all your re-adjustments back to Canada!

Pam and Gene said...

That last photo, the washed up log looks like a prehistoric reptile is lining up a meal.