Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catching up

OK, life has been a blur lately. Blur, blue, blur. Yep, that's my best excuse for not posting. I did manage to get some things accomplished and we are deep in the midst of packing. Actually we had a garage sale today with a bunch of other families out on the basketball court. I'm happy to say we sold out within an hour and closed down before anyone else! Of course now we are missing useful items like lamps and tools and chairs but I think we can live without them for the 22 days before we leave. It will be like camping!

This is what our little living space looked for a few days before we moved it into Annie's room. She has moved into the dorm with Sophie and Sabrina so her room was the only free space to store all this stuff. It looks like a cyclone in there but I just close the door and walk away! After school is over, we'll give it a more concerted effort since the crate leaves on June 12.
Last Sunday, the junior class threw us a farewell party down at the beach. It was a good time hanging out, eating burgers, roasting s'mores and jumping the waves. The pictures below are some of my favourite people!

Lydia was cooking burgers on our BBQ when it burst into flames and blackened all the burgers!! It really didn't matter - the kids ate them anyway.

Annie and Sophie had a sleepover in their room when Sabrina was away. Chan Yang and Evelyne joined them and they giggled the night away.

An impromptu U12 soccer game with Uplands School came up so Sabrina came running up to the dorm for her soccer cleats and socks. They managed a win!

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Colleen Taylor said...

June 12th! That's two weeks! Goodness ...

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Yet not envying your packing and good byes. So glad people are being intentional with last BBQs and sleepovers ...