Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jr Class party

We held a spontaneous party on the beach last night to celebrate the junior's accomplishments of this past semester. It was fun - Tim grilled burgers and hot dogs and the kids played on the beach. Since we are leaving, new sponsors came forward to take our place for senior year. Thanks to Kerry and Robin, who are presently senior sponsors for Kaleb's class, and to Lydia, whose amazing technical and creative abilities helped us with JSB. They will join Larry and Debbie in August.
We were only missing a few kids even though it was short notice. This huge log washed up earlier this week so we made good use of it for taking pictures and for playing on.

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Pam and Gene said...

I was wondering where that log came from.....didn't remember it from last year.

Good for you to throw together a cookout for the kids who busted their butts for the Sr's this year. From the JSB photos's, they worked hard and put together a great time for the Sr's.