Saturday, February 14, 2009

Here we are

The Archer family is once again on the move. We are heading back to Canada this summer to re-establish ourselves there. We have felt the Holy Spirit moving and doing something in all our hearts but we didn't realize it would be this big. Although it will be hard to say good-bye to the many wonderful things about life here, all four of us are at peace with this decision. So we have lots of things to pray and think about these days! Thanks to so many who have sent emails full of encouragement and excitement about this news - we appreciate your prayers and friendship.

In the meantime, however, we are still dorm parents to a bunch of neat kids and want to finish strong with all of them. Everyday they make us laugh and smile and stretch us beyond belief! We will be leaving behind four boys who have been part of our lives for a long time and we want to continue to make a strong and positive investment in them so they can make a good transition with new dorm parents next fall.

In other news here:
We have been plagued by a bat who poops all over our porch each night. Our dear dorm amah faithfully scrubs everything down each day but I have personally declared war on this little fellow. I don't want to kill him because he eats the dengue fever mosquitoes but I do want to relocate him to another place where we don't have to step in his crap.

Kaleb's trip to Malacca was amazing and I would show you pictures he took ... except he DIDN'T TAKE ANY!!!! Now that's not completely true - he took pictures of his friends in the van on the way there but none of the awesome historical sites he saw. I thought he knew I needed blog material.....

Tim ran up Penang Hill (for those who have visited that's the hill with the funicular railroad). It took him two hours of a good pace to get up. He stopped for coconut juice at the top. On the way down, he was tired so he slept on a bench at station 5 for a while and then carried on. His knee is a bit sore now.

Here are pictures of the week that was:

We hosted a progressive supper for our Valentine's dorm party. We were the dessert station where the kids could ice and decorate cupcakes. Every station had riddles the kids had to solve. We had a ton of fun doing this and the kids were stuffed by the time they went through the five courses in the different dorms.

One of our dorm's favourite treat nights is cheese fondue. They absolutely love it - can you tell?

Hanging out in the study roon for obvious reasons - first of all, its the only air conditioned room in the dorm after school til 9 pm so its the cool place to be now that we are in hot season. Secondly, the kids get one hour of gaming and they take that opportunity to play together. Thirdly, it has a comfy loveseat and piano - what more could they ask for?


Kate said...

looks like a lot of fun!

Colleen Taylor said...

Wow ... on the move. Eager to hear what your next steps will be. Until then, I'll keep following your blog with interest!

Little Vine said... don't need me to take pictues! We just need to go down as a family and see all the awesome historical sites!!! And its huge Night Market that takes up a whole street (Jonker Street!)!