Friday, November 28, 2008

The stuff of life

We celebrated American Thanksgiving last evening with friends at their house. In alternating years, dorm students are invited to the homes of teachers for Thanksgiving. The kitchen staff prepare a bunch of ridiculously expensive turkeys with all the fixings and the host families pick up all the cooked supplies for the meal. So all our students were 'farmed' out and we were able to get off campus as well. It was a lovely meal and fun to share it with friends. Happy Thanksgiving to all our American family and friends who are ending their special day of celebration.

And now we are getting ready to pack 8 vans full of students and supplies and head to Sungai Petani for our two day dorm retreat as we have today off. We did this last year for the first time and it was so well received by the students, we decided to plan another one and someone generously donated the funds for it. This year, a team of five people from Brian and Val's church in Illinois has come to help us with worship, drama and some seminars. They brought goodies for us as well - dried cranberries, chocolate and butterscotch chips along with some really colorful red and green Christmas chipits. We also received a huge package from our dear Kirsten, a Chandler grad from last year, who goes to church with these folks in the US. She sent Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams and a bunch of candy we can't get here plus encouragement notes for us. You have no idea what a tremendous blessing that package was to our hearts. We really appreciate her thoughtfulness since it has been 'one of those' weeks here for us.

Here are some pictures of things that have happened in the last week or so. Enjoy!

Bill is our faithful junior class treasurer and he loves counting money with Uncle Tim!

We had a supper in the dorm last Saturday night and invited Aunt Lana, Mr Liss, Ms Frans and her son. We had spaghettit, mandarin salad, garlic bread and angel food cake - the kids helped with all of it!

Annie turned 15 on Sunday and although she had been very sick the week before, she perked up for her party. Seven other friends came to join our dorm family and help her celebrate. We bought her a bright green Ipod which she has been pining for.
Friends from Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea and Tanzania.
Later, after Annie's party, we decided to put up the Christmas decorations (even though it was before American Thanksgiving....I know we broke a cardinal rule, right?) So everything looks very lovely now. We still have to decorate a white Christmas tree I purchased yesterday that will go out on the porch.
Track and field has come and gone for another year. Here is the busy junior class table where we sold hundreds of freezies and dozens of cold sodas.

Kaleb getting ready for the 100 m race.

Alan and Santi taking off in the 200 m.

Nathan doing the same.

Sabrina jumping into the pit at the long jump.

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lanagummeson said...

Thank you for such a great "LAST SUPPER" as it was... It was the last meal I ate for an entire week and it was good - It tasted like "home" to me... I love you Shauna. Really glad we're on this adventure together, friend.