Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fun stuff

Kaleb was elected by his friends to be one of eight contestants in the Mr. Dalat competition. The first category was formal wear - he wore his tailor made suit and had the girls straighten his hair again. I think he looked very handsome but then again, I'm his mother! This is Kaleb's funny costume - he dressed up as a cold Canadian moving to tropical island so he took off the coat, hat, two scarves and five sweaters he was wearing. Tim and I had to go and retrieve all of this stuff from the little kids who claimed it as their own when Kaleb tossed it into the crowd!!!
For the talent portion of the competition, Kaleb donned a beanie hat with propeller and read "Prindercella and the Handsome Since".
At the end, Kaleb and his friend David, another contestant, had to answer some questions. Kaleb was asked what he would do if he was the director of the school. Very honestly he answered that, being kind of lazy, he would outlaw homework and have more time for 'friends, fellowship and socializing'!! And to honor all the little kids there cheering for him, he quickly added, "And have more recess'!
In the end, Kaleb was the first runner-up, while David took the title and was awarded the watermelon sceptre and a box of goodies.

Mary was the first one to have a birthday in our dorm so we celebrated down under the canopy by the beach. She had a ton of gifts brought to her by her dad who was visiting from England last week. It took a while to get everything opened and the guys lost interest in all the make-up, jewelry and perfume the girls were 'oohing and aahing' over. After supper, we had cake and lots of it as her local guardian supplied us with a chocolate cake to add to the ice cream cake I had made.

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pondering something said...

What a fun competition! And I agree Kaleb was VERY handsome. He is the winner in our book.