Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Arlington Beach connection

This is our friend, Muriel Teusink, who serves in Ethiopia at Bingham Academy. Growing up in the Free Methodist Church on the prairies, I always knew about Muriel and her work in Haiti. When things got rough there politically, she and her husband moved over to Africa. Muriel's mother is an avid attender of Family Camp at Arlington Beach, only missing two years of camp since the 1930's. Muriel and her husband came home this past summer to take her mom to camp - many of us had missed her mom in '07 so we were all very thankful to see her again this year. At that time, Muriel mentioned to us that she would be attending a librarian's conference in Kuala Lumpur but, being 5 hours south of us, didn't think she would get up our way. But then our Dalat librarian decided to bring some folks back for a library tour here and Muriel signed up! It was a short stay but special nonetheless. As we got talking, Muriel mentioned that Arlington Beach is really her home because she has roots there and people know her when she returns. We agreed - Arlington Beach is home to us too. And this past week, Arlington Beach came up in conversation with some friends here who have never stepped foot on the grounds. You see Lana, our new dorm assistant, worked for us at Arlington and another girl I know through our time at Arlington, a young mom, has been emailing me about the possibility of becoming dorm parents. So others here in Malaysia are asking what's so special about Arlington Beach way over yonder in Saskatchewan. Frankly, I believe nothing will thwart God's plan for people to rest, recreate and renew on acres set apart for His purposes by the godly men and women who dedicated the land to the Lord. A short few weeks of rest at Arlington does wonders for the soul.

This may sound like a commercial but for all those out there who haven't been to Arlington in a while, you may want to get reconnected this coming summer....the coffee is usually on at our place.


freetobeme - Anita said...

We love Arlington Beach! We had a very relaxing month long stay there in 2007. Remember? Where else can one see a gorgeous sun rise every morning and a spectacular sun set every evening? The folks there are the friendliest and nicest, one fmily of four in particular! The music was great, the fellowship sweet, the lake and boat rides were fun. What more can I say?

Kate said...

Well Freetobeme sort of summed it up...I also have very special memories of Arlington Beach...having Girl Guide camped there more than once ...and now I have my daughter and her family to visit every summer...Shauna is right....it is so peaceful, refreshing and rejuvinating. I, like Freetobeme think some of the loviest people I know live there for a short time every summer.