Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday news

Today the Parent Teacher Organization hosted a Food and Fun Fair. Its a great evening of wonderful ethnic food and fun games provided by the dorm families. Our dorm once again hosted apple bobbing, which was another big hit this year, and marshmallow munch, a new game devised by Laura. Our kids had a great time strolling around with friends, taking part in the games and sampling all the good food.

Another part of the evening was the head shaving of Uncle Brian - he consented to have his head shaved if the Annual Fund reached RM30,000. We were RM2,000 short today but cash came in during the fair so he was promptly ushered to a chair and voila! no more hair. Actually, Uncle Brian is quite used to short hair since he was a Chicago policeman for 10 years. Several other men on campus have willingly signed up for a date with the electric razor when the Annual Fund reaches certain limits. Tim is on the list for RM80,000!! Larry, the director of development, with quite a thick shock of black hair, was on the list for RM40,000. Unbelievable as it may sound, someone gave him a cheque tonight for the extra RM10,000 and so off went Larry's hair. His poor wife couldn't even watch! I suggested a couple of us women put our names down to shave our heads and see how much $$ that would generate. I didn't get any support for my idea at all.....

And to end the evening, we had the Junior for Hire event. All of the juniors were auctioned off to the highest bidder for three hours of work. This year's class broke all the records and raised RM17,000 with Kaleb receiving the highest bid!! OK, so we purchased our own son but it was fun nonetheless to be in a bidding competition with a couple of other people. Since the juniors had spent a tremendous amount of the money they have fundraised to put on a phenomenal JSB, this money will go towards their senior retreat and graduation activities next year.

Uncle Tim, Santi and Alan manning the apple bobbing bucket.

Annie watching over the marshmallow munch booth.
Don't leave any marshmallow hanging boys!
Larry before....and Larry after!!
A very happy junior boy hired to do three hours of hard labor!

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freetobeme said...

I hope his hair grows quickly! I thought you were talking about someone who was already going bald, but he had a full head of hair!