Saturday, December 01, 2007

A visitor

My birth dad, Keith, arrived on Wednesday afternoon after a business trip to Indonesia. He willingly hauled along two pair of Birkenstock sandals for me and Kaleb plus a bunch of Kool-aid packets to be made into freezies by the junior class.

On Thursday morning, we headed up Penang Hill, our favourite spot on the island, to show him the view. The canopy walk, which hasn't been in operation for over a year, was open so we took advantage of that and walked way up in the trees on the narrow, swinging bridge. A new restaurant had also opened so we had a lovely, quiet lunch in very serene surroundings.
The view from the restaurant.

Last night we wined and dined at Kathy's expense at the lovely Park Royal Hotel's buffet. The food was outstanding!


Kathy McFadden said...

Awesome pic...the subject matter is pretty awesome too!!

freetobeme said...

Sounds like a great time. I want to go there when we come!