Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dorm supper

We are given money to have supper in our dorm once a month on a Saturday evening. This gives the kids a break from the cafeteria and gives us a chance to do something out of the ordinary. Because its been cooler and rainy here, we decided on beef stew, homemade biscuits, apple salad and lemon butter squares for dessert. Everyone pitched in to make the meal and get the tables ready for 19 people since we invited the HS art teacher and his wife, the MS gym teacher, plus their two kids to join us. Good food, great friends, fun games - the evening was a hit!


freetobeme said...

That looks great! Your pictures make it look so real. Everyone was so busy and involved. It must have been a very successful supper and evening.

Anonymous said...

They all look like there all having a good time, and also enjoying their supper. Good pictures.