Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm here

Hello - sorry for the lack of blogging lately. Actually Blogger has not been behaving itself lately so I thought I'd take a break and in the meantime, it would miraculously heal itself. It hasn't but I will post anyway.

Kaleb and Annie are safe and sound back in Canada. We got them to the plane Saturday morning at 6 am and the wonderful Cathay Pacific agent was able to check their bags all the way through to their destinations - bonus!! It was hard to say good-bye but having Nancy and Nellie, their seasoned travel partners, with them assauged my fears. I went back to bed when we came home from the airport, partially because I was tired and partially because I thought that was a good way to make the time go by faster. We tracked them the whole way - through KL and Hong Kong - and set our alarm for 3 am to pray them through customs in Vancouver. That went very well and they both got to their gates with time to spare. Annie emailed at 8 am this morning to say she had arrived safely in Calgary and that to her surprise, a friend from Lethbridge had shown up at the airport to greet her!! We called Kaleb shortly after in Avonlea. He was excited about tasting an Tim Horton's iced cap - his first in over 10 months!! We breathed a tremendous sigh of relief that their journey was uneventful. Thanks to all who prayed for their safety.

Now we are completely bored. Tim is watching TV and I've already read one book today alone. We were headed out to play tennis this evening when it started to pour. Tomorrow we will hopefully be able to start painting the dorm lounge and we may even have help from the kitchen staff who become the painting crew every summer. If that happens, I'll order paint for our apartment living area as well. We are also getting new tiles laid in our master bedroom bathroom so we will be sleeping in the kids' rooms for a few days due to the mess.

Actually there's lots of work to be done if I could just get motivated. My recipe book is a disaster and the movie/media spreadsheet I'm in charge of for the dorms needs a lot of work to get it up-to-date. The filing cabinet is screaming for an overhaul and I need to prepare a couple of powerpoint presentations for our time at home. Then there's always tennis, swimming, sleeping in the sun, shopping and reading to fill the gaps. And eating!! Can't forget that with all the food that is available around here. Did you know Malaysians eat light? Yep, by daylight, by moonlight, by traffic light, by porch light.... The pastor told that joke today in church and he's absolutely right!

Speaking of food, I haven't ate supper yet so that's all for now!!


Kathy McFadden said...

Hi was awesome to see Kaleb...Ker, Jill and I were watching for him and all of a sudden he was right in front of us. He was much taller...I was looking for someone much smaller!!!We had a quick visit and then he left with Colleen and Art...but still it was great to give him a hug and get one back.....Love to you both..


Melissa said...

I just want to check if you will be at Arlington during Family Camp. I'm planning on just being there the first Sunday. I'm "home" from July 7th-Aug. 14th.

Shauna Archer said...

Hi Mel,
Yeah, we'll be at camp from July 4-31 - using it as home base. We are at church in Regina on the morning of the first Sunday at camp but will be back in afternoon. Hope to catch up with you and compare notes on living overseas!