Sunday, May 06, 2007

What did you say?

While in labor with Kaleb 16 years ago, Tim quietly reminded me in the middle of the night that if I could hold off for a few more hours, our first child could be born on his birthday. I wasn't overly excited about 'holding off'. In fact, this could have been the point where I stood up on the bed and I think that was the point I realized Tim was sleeping in the lazy-boy chair while I was in excrutiating pain or maybe it was the moment the nurse realized she forgot to give me pain meds. It doesn't really matter, I can't remember anyway...its all a blur now. The point being that Kaleb was born a day before Tim's birthday so today my other 'boy' is celebrating. While he's long past 16, I still think he's pretty cool. Happy birthday, babe!


freetobeme said...

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kelle said...

Happy birthday Tim!