Thursday, May 10, 2007

Random Thursday thoughts

  • Tonight was the Staff Farewell Banquet to honor the 9 teachers who are leaving. Two couples (ESL Director and grade 4 teacher, HS science teacher and librarian) raised their kids here and their last child graduates in June. So they are moving back stateside to be with their college-aged kids to help them navigate young adult life. Its hard losing veteran teachers and mentors. The tributes were creative - new words to the song "Waltzing Matilda", a lively story all done with book titles, a whole tribute based on soccer equipment, another done with the Eliza Doolittle cockney accent and props. Nonetheless, tears were shed and lots of hugs were given. Even though we still have four weeks left, this is the best time to say solid good-byes before the insanity of grad week hits. I don't like good byes and was thinking how wonderful heaven will be...then I won't have to say good bye to anyone for any reason.
  • I held a 19 day old baby tonight at the banquet and I am certain there is no smell as good as a newborn baby. Little Asia Marie smelled so heavenly and looked so sweet....until she opened up her lungs and yelled for her mother. Then I promptly gave her back!
  • All four of us are beginning to realize the withdrawal we will experience back in Canada when we can't just cross the street for fried rice, naan (especially my new favorite - kashmir naan), banana leaf, tandoori chicken, fresh lime juice with sweet and sour nuts, roti........ Kaleb actually wondered how he will fare without rice everyday since "the meat doesn't hit my plate til I have my rice"!!
  • Tim is having a blast building drama sets with Bill, the art teacher. You know what building and hammering and wood and nails and all that means? Trips to the hardware store. Many trips to the hardware store. And stops along the way for Kopi Pang - iced coffee in a bag. There's the set for tomorrow's middle school drama, the set for next week's elementary musical, the set for the middle school musical and finally, the set for Kaleb's high school drama that will run two nights. And Bill has BIG plans, a creative mind and boundless energy so there's no shortage of things for Tim to build. He's loving every minute of it!
  • Monay is going to Hollywood for an audition at a dramatic arts school. I can't believe it!! Hopefully when she hits the big time, she'll remember all the 'little' people along the me!


Kathy McFadden said...

Well, we do have rice here in Canada...but probably not the kind you have been eating!!! None the less we will be glad to treat you to Canadian fare...and can't wait for you to get here...sounds like Tim is in his element...and I would love to be there for Kaleb's production....Way to go Monay...and Kirsten you are a real sweetheart!!

Kathy McFadden said...

Happy Mother's Day Shauna...hope you are enjoying a relaxing day with your family....we are making supper at Wendy's tomorrow night. Erin, Jill, Wendy and I will veg out then. Have a wonderful 1st Mum's Day in Malaysia.