Thursday, March 19, 2009

JSB excitement begins

The junior class officially invited the seniors to JSB with scroll announcements hanging from the trees with name tag apples on them. Which means that the 'asking' for JSB also began, precisely at 8 a.m. this morning. Kaleb prepared his big 'ask' last night with help from his dorm brothers and sisters...and me! He put a note in the girl's locker asking her to be at the clock tower right after school. Moses appeared on the Student Centre staircase, yelling that he had a message from God for Chan Mi Kim. He then read the "Five Commandments of JSB" and asked her to part the Red Sea - a bowl full of red jello to find a special note popping the big question. It was at this point that Kaleb made his way throught the crowd, bent down on one knee and invited Chan Mi to JSB. Because she had waited all day to find out who was asking her, she made Kaleb ask three times in ever increasing loudness before she said yes! Many other girls were asked today - its a bit of a feeding frenzy on the first day and quiets down after that.

So that was our fun for the day. Tomorrow Kaleb and I head to Indonesia for a quick weekend trip to visit some volcanoes with interested eighth graders and their teacher.
P.S. In case you can't read the small print, the Five Commandments are:
1. Thou shalt go to JSB.
2. Thou shalt have no other dates before your Date.
3. Thou shalt be ready at 5:15 pm in front of Jackson dorm. (We debated saying 'before the tent of the tribe of Jackson' but it didn't fit on the tablet!)
4. Thou shalt eat, drink and make merry.
5. Thou shalt part the Red Sea and take the note.


Kate said...

what a lot of fun and excitement...great imaginering kaleb!

Pam and Gene said...

Ah, the Thespian in Kaleb comes out!! What a guy, allowing this to be photographed and posted for the entire world to see.

freetobeme - Anita said...

How clever! I'm glad she said yes!

Anonymous said...

It was pretty amazing!!! In art we came up with a list of 23 people that were asked since yesterday...crazy!!