Monday, March 02, 2009

The beginning of March

It's so hard to believe how quickly February blasted by! March brings the soccer championships which will be held this week - Dalat vs our arch rivals - and it also brings the beginning of the 5 week basketball playoffs. And it brings the one week spring break starting on March 28. So everyone is looking forward to time off.
As I mentioned in a previous blog, this should be hot season but we've had these crazy monsoon rains lately. The clothes won't even dry on the line because the air is so heavy with humidity. The power company decided to change out a transformer here at the school, starting early Sunday morning. Without fans or a/c we thought we might die. But thankfully by the time we were finished lunch and ready for the two hour quiet time, everything was good to go.
I found The Tipping Point at a local bookstore - Kaleb is devouring it right now and I will read it later this week. I just finished Marley and Me because the movie debuts here on Thursday and I like to read the book first. I also bought The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. It's a quick read but highly worth the time.

This is what happens when you try to share the small loveseat with your long-legged brother who doesn't want to share the space. Poor Annie!!

Kaleb is really into this cooking thing. He buys meat and pan fries it in a special concoction he makes himself. For this meal, he also made salad and bought French baguettes. The girls gave it a thumbs up!

Our two seniors looking

Annie and David are hanging out together while Annie plays his DS.

Board games pop up all over our dorm - on the lounge floor, the kitchen table, the boys' bedroom floor.

Sometimes when driving the van, Uncle Tim temporarily goes insane and drives like a wild man. The kids love it and they play 'corners' as we drive along the windy coastal roads. Usually somebody ends up on the floor and those in the very back complain that they are going to vomit. Even that doesn't stop Uncle Tim - this time, he went to the roundabout a block over and drove around it a few times to add to the nauseau! Everyone falls out of the van looking drunk or seasick. But believe it or not, they beg for it again the next time we are heading out.

We are pretty careful with bedtimes around here. If one kid gets run down and sick, it spreads like wildfire to everyone else. But every now and then we tempt fate so to speak and load them up into the van after curfew for a McDonald's run. I can't believe how much they can eat just before going to sleep!
Another trip to the Youth Park one quiet Sunday afternoon. We took the skateboard, soccer ball, frisbee and had fun running off a lot of energy. Annie and Sophie, who don't like to sweat that much, stayed up on top of one of the skateboard ramps and took pictures. Santi actually brought along an English paper he was editing!
I love this picture of Laurian - he has such a great smile!

Kaleb and Santi are on one one side of the half pipe with Alan and George on the other. They were kicking the soccer ball back and forth but it fell off the sides too often and so their game became more of 'chase the ball around the park'.

Some of the Malaysian boys retrieved the ball for them but weren't that keen on giving it back. So Kaleb's negotiation skills kicked in and he ended up playing with them for awhile until they were bored! And then he got the ball back :)


freetobeme - Anita said...

Tim, this is your mother reading and writing. Please, be careful driving...don't take chances with the lives of these kids...even if they do beg for it. This is your mother speaking, this is your mother speaking, this is your mother speaking...

Kate said...

this is your other mother-in-law....and i was thinking the same thing...i do remember how much fun we thought it was when our dad did was on country roads 40 odd years ago...which might make a slight difference!!!!

Anonymous said...

it was Sabrina's DS... i don't think David has a DS!! You should let the people of your blog know that just in case!! hehe
Kaleb is not good at sharing at all!!