Friday, January 23, 2009

The week at Chandler

This week, before school started, we enjoyed the company of Mike, Lyn and Sam over a meal. Sam, who turned one recently, is way too cute and immediately took to Kaleb's invisible 'kid' quality. Sam mimicked everything Kaleb did at the table and got laughing so hard we all were laughing, not eating! He is definitely the most fun dinner guest we've ever had :) Later, Annie did dishes while Kaleb....well....I think he was thinking of licking out the jello bowl. That's a guilty face, wouldn't you say?Kaleb's best friend, Joel, had to return to Australia for university. While he was here for five weeks, they spent an incredible amount of time playing board games and hanging out together.
We have two new Korean boys in our dorm this semester. David and Dennis are lovely, courtesy boys and we enjoyed having David's parents and Dennis's mom with us for a few days. They insisted on cooking us a Korean meal on Monday evening. It was spicy and delicious!

The first day of school, January 2009. This semester we have two kids each in fifth, sixth, eighth, ninth, tenth and twelfth grades and one in eleventh.
On Thursday night, the power went out in the whole subdivision at 8 pm during our study hall. With no air con or fans to circulate the air, the kids all headed outside to run around in the dark. With all the dorms out it was craziness for a while.Tim hauled our firepit down onto the street and we enjoyed roasting marshmallows with some other students. Usually, if the temp is above +30C, we don't have a fire - just too much heat! But it was only +27C so it worked just fine. The power came back on around 8:30 pm but the computer network didn't reboot so we stayed outside. Thankfully all our students were finished their homework.

Dennis and David are noodle experts and love having them for night snack.

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