Monday, December 15, 2008


I have copied this from my friend Ronda's blog about buying what she thought were new North Face socks and then reading the package after she got home. Those of us who live in places where English is a second language for most of the population are quite used to translating Engrish and can even find ourselves speaking it on occasion!! By the way, Ronda lives in Nepal and really needs good socks to climb those magnificent Himalayas.

This product is made by a kind of Hi-Tech, lead the multi-functionalartifical silk of sweat nature high. Combine the socks made with the textile fibre. Have good arranging the sweat, so the characteristic rapidly. Make you feel more soft while wearing, dry and confortable and comfortable.Thicken dealing with to the toe and heel position, get better protection in the outdoor exercises. Don't bleach, warm water is it wash to look through make sure not with apt to fade clothes is it wash to mix.

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