Sunday, October 26, 2008

A night out

Twice a month on a Saturday evening, the cafeteria closes and we are to go out to a restaurant or prepare a meal in our dorm. This past Saturday evening, our dorm was invited to the Watson home for a wonderful supper and a play time. It was an amazing evening of hilarious fun and scrumptious food.

The girls standing on the balcony overlooking the straits. You can see Rat Island in the background.
The Watson's have a lovely two level apartment on Pearl Hill with an efficient kitchen planned for entertaining. Nathan's parents were visiting so they joined us for the fun.

Kaleb and a few of the boys ate out on the balcony.

The menu included baked salmon, fettucine alfredo, strawberry salad, french bread and green beans almondine along with five kinds of ice cream for dessert!!

This is the big screen for playing Wii and play station games. We laughed til our sides hurt watching the kids jumping up and down and shaking while they were playing Wii Olympics!!

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Glendyne Gerrard said...

just a quick hi - it was fun catching up on your life for the last month. we're in surrey, loving up our grandson and kids