Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wills and awards

At the senior wills ceremony this morning, Annie cashed in big as her graduating dorm sisters left her clothes, throw pillows, jewellery, perfume, lights and more. She had a big haul to drag up to the dorm afterwards and I'm not completely sure where it will all go in her little room. But apparently ALL of it is a treasure to her and she won't be getting rid of anything anytime soon.

And our girls were also duly recognized today at the awards ceremony. Naomi received English 12 & Bible 12 course awards and some service awards; Marigan received Human Anatomy & Choir course awards plus service awards; Laura completely cleaned up with the Advanced Merit Diploma, AP Music Theory course award, Overall Fine Arts award, Dorm Servant award and several service awards; Kirsten was recognized with athletic and service awards plus the biggest achievement of any Dalat student, the All Around Student designation. Kaleb also received recognition for his service to junior class while Tim and I both got coach's certificates for softball, volleyball and taekwondo. So it was a good morning for Chandler dorm.

Laurian and Ben are now on airplanes heading for Shanghai and Idaho, respectively. Tonight we will have the wonderful, affirming commencement service and traditional Wailing Wall to say final good byes to the seniors and other students not returning next year and to sign yearbooks as well. It's a very special time but so emotionally exhausting that I don't think I'll stay long.

At 5:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, Tim takes a huge crew including Abbie, Alan, Santi, Laura and Nathan to the airport to catch their flights home. Naomi has already moved out of the dorm to the hotel with her parents. Marigan, Sarah and Kirsten will be left here tomorrow and will make their way to other places to stay as the dorms close at 5 p.m. And hopefully by then, I'll be completely out of tears and won't have to carry Kleenex around with me any longer.

Saying good bye is really hard.

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freetobeme said...

I know how hard good-byes are. Soon we'll be saying hello! I can't wait!