Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back at it

It's been awhile since my last post but things have been busy here with the return of our students last weekend and the start of school on Tuesday. So far we have celebrated a birthday, went to three doctors appts and on one large grocery run, had a basketball tournament, class meetings, drama try-outs, SAT exam and a day off for the national staff. WHEW! We are definitely not bored :) Our first day off will be Tuesday and at this rate, I think sleep will be the major item on our agenda.

Annie - supposedly doing homework!
Games occupy a lot of time in our dorm. Kaleb purchased a large, multiplayer game that the boys are addicted to!
Lots of beautiful (?) noises can be heard when the kids practice their band instruments.

Alan's birthday is the first of 12 that we will celebrate this semester.

Annie and her friends decided to record their own voices on I-tunes so our office became a recording studio for a day.
We added a loveseat to the air conditioned study room so its the place to go for relaxation.
When the girls are bored, they are inevitably hungry so they like to bake goodies to share!

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pondering something said...

That was a busy week, but we are glad to see pictures and postings again.