Monday, May 21, 2007

Food Fun Fair

The parent association hosted the Food Fun Fair again this past weekend. Each dorm was asked to supply a game or event so Chandler Dorm hosted apple bobbing. It was a huge hit with the smaller crowd especially - we used over 70 apples!! The food is always a big hit since the fare is international cuisine such as Korean kim chee, Vietnamese spring rolls, Thai rice, Dominoe's pizza and Mexican quesadillas. The streets were packed with families visiting around the tables and enjoying the lovely evening together. Getting the apple bobbing ready to go.

I think I got it....glub, glub, glub......Hooray - the water up my nose was worth it!!

The "Pepsi/Coke" ring toss.Jaffray dorm's Kissing Booth girls.

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pondering something said...

How fun that sounds. Looks like you made a good choice with the apple bobbing.