Tuesday, April 10, 2007

For Gloria

In mid March, Gloria sent me an email saying she was sending something in the mail that was small, green, not in celebration of St Patrick's Day, x-rayable with a number of pieces making a whole. OK - I was definitely stumped. The package arrived today and I want to point out that she forgot to mention that something orange was also in the package. If she had of said that, I'm sure I would have guessed immediately that necklaces and earrings were coming! NOT!! She asked to see pictures of me wearing the small, green (and orange I might add), x-rayable pieces so here they are:
Apparently orange and green are the summer colors in Saskatchewan this year according to Gloria, who has a fair amount of fashion sense (I've been shopping with her at Winner's so I know).
Thanks so much for thinking of me Gloria! My heartfelt apologies again for the 5 a.m. call on your big day and very happy belated big day wishes to Dave.


Kathy McFadden said...

The jewellery is fab!! and you are so thin!! Thin is in though!! and you always look so happy and contented...you also look a little brown...we have just had another snow storm!!! Can you believe it?? I can.

leftie said...

What a wonderful gift. With 'special friend day' this week it is even more approriate. Enjoy the beautiful necklaces. God Bless.