Thursday, March 29, 2007


That stands for International Chandler House of Pancakes. Which is what we were this morning as we hosted the first ever Teacher Appreciation Breakfast. Each dorm is encouraged to be involved in service projects so our dorm decided that, given the school theme "It's Not About Me" and the emphasis on servanthood this year, we would honor our teachers with a pancake breakfast. 44 teachers came to enjoy the ICHOP pancakes, syrups, fruit, coffee and juice before the first school bell rang at 8:15 a.m. We also took time to write personal notes of appreciation and thanks to every teacher which we all signed and gave to them as they left.

We were very proud of our students for their willingness to get up an hour early, set up, clean up, serve, cook and smile through the whole thing. Everybody agreed that this must become an annual, if not every semester, tradition!

Writing and signing the appreciation notes.

Getting ready to cook on the outdoor grill.

Waiting patiently for the crowd to arrive. Notice the 3 similar t-shirts?? Those are the "It's Not About Me" theme shirts.

Good stuff - can we go back for more?

Helping themselves in the buffet line to the piping hot pancakes. One request - more blueberry syrup next time!!

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freetobeme said...

What a great and delicious service project for your dorm kids to be involved in! I'm sure the teachers loved it and were impressed by the Chandler dorm kids & dorm parents!