Thursday, March 15, 2007


This whole week, our school has hosted a visiting team of four educators from other schools in the final part of our re-accreditation process. Previous to this, the whole staff has worked on a self-study report that was published in a 400 page hardcover book. The public reading of the team's report took place today at 4 pm. Never having been a part of this process before, I was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding commendations that DIS and its staff and administration received. The residence life report was filed separately and was also a glowing description of our boarding program after interviewing boarding staff and students and coming to the dorms to watch the activity.

Here are a couple of quotes:

“Dalat is a warm and caring community that provides an outstanding academic and residential program. One of the strongest I have seen in 35 years of accreditation visits.” (statement made by an individual who has been in education for 41 years and made over 100 school visits world-wide)

“The Dalat self study report was one of the most comprehensive and thorough reports I have seen in over 30 years of involvement with accreditation. I was very impressed with the staff and especially impressed with the curriculum. Dalat far exceeded my expectations.” (statement by a man who has taught for 46 years)

In the end, the visiting team did not find any issue or weakness that we as a staff had not already identified and created an action plan for. Which is really good news when you consider that every piece of curriculum, every service, every facility, every policy and every staff member was thoroughly scrutinized.

I feel very privileged to work with such a high calibre team of people, providing 'excellence in education' to children of many different cultures and backgrounds. We are fortunate to have strong and visionary leaders and I believe that, as these individuals model servant leadership in the best and worst of times and as we all use our gifts to honor the Lord, He is pouring out a blessing of unity on the staff and anticipation for the future. Its an exciting time in Dalat's history and we are very blessed to be a part of it!


Anonymous said...

Do you need someone to come over there and be a part of dorm life? :)I guess I could teach too but coaching basketball, drama and throwing pottery and kayaking are pretty much all I want to teach. I love loving people though - that is my passion. I doubt I qualify without a husband - but let me know if there is ever a position that you think might be ideal for me. The spiders and Snakes - not too excited about but the school sounds fantastic. -Lana

Uncle Bill said...

Congratulations! You and Tim are hereby awarded the PARENTS OF THE YEAR AWARD! Awarded by your Uncle Bill. OK! OK! I don't have any authority in giving out such an award. But, if there was such an award and I could, I would nominate you two to receive it. Congratulations again on the Schools accreditation achievement and your part in it. We are proud of you and enjoy your blog and the news letters that Tim sends out periodically. Our prayers are with you.