Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Girls Night Out

The long weekends can be a drag when everyone is stuck on campus. So we planned a Girls Night Out. Supper was fresh lime juice, tandoori chicken with curry sauce and naan bread at Subaidah's. We then went to the off campus dorm to enjoy manicures, henna tattooing, DDR, puzzles, tons of chocolate desserts and a great movie, A Night with the King (based on the biblical story of Esther - highly recommended!) The guys stayed on campus but their activities were very low key - BBQ supper, basketball, swimming, computer games and capture the flag.

Subaidah's serves the best fresh lime juice in town. 36 of crowded around two long tables and totally confused the waiters!!
We had every color of nail polish imaginable.
The puzzle people!
One of the girls drew a henna tattoo on my big toe :)Aunt Julia is the tattoo master.


freetobeme said...

Sounds fun! These are times you'll always remember.

leftie said...

What a wonderful way to spend the week-end.