Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bahasa Malay 101

Here are a list of words that we have learned in the six months we have lived here. Some of them are on signs that we see regularly. Others we have learned from the subtitles on TV. We only use a few phrases because almost everyone speaks English to some degree so we can communicate fairly easily.

Air - water (that was confusing at which told me to add air!!)
Awas - careful
Bas - bus
Batu - rock (Batu Feringghi = Foreign Rock)
Bukit - hill
Gereja - church
Hitam - black (Air Hitam is one of the suburbs because of the black water in the ground)
Jalan - road or street (we live on Jalan Tanjung Bunga)
Jumpa lagi - see you again
Keluar - out (this is posted on green exit signs in malls, etc)
Laut - sea
Lorong - lane
Maaf - sorry
Masuk - in (this is posted on red entrance signs to malls, etc)
Satu - one (we definitely need to learn more numbers)
Sekolah - school (so Bas Sekolah is school bus)
Selamat datang - you are welcome
Susu - milk
Teksi - taxi
Terima kasih - thank you (say "terra my car sea" really fast and you've got it)
Tidak - no
Tolong - help
Ya - yes

All letters only have one sound so it makes it easier to learn than English. The school offers beginning Bahasa classes but its not at a convenient time for me to attend. Maybe another year! I'll post more words another time for you to compare.

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