Friday, January 19, 2007

For all my mom's friends

First of all, let me say thank you for your daily emails. Isn't technology great?? And thanks for the baby pictures, Cheryl and Gladys. Your new little Ava is beautiful indeed. I should however mention my secretarial fee for receiving all those emails - ice cream next summer would be good!!

Secondly, you are all going to enjoy the incident that happened TWICE this week. We went downtown to a little hole-in-the-wall store called the Asia Company. The two Malaysian fellows who own it give Dalat staff an incredible deal on batik cloth, pewter and other things. The first time we went, Annie came with Mom and I. We bought a few items and had a good conversation with the fellows who asked all about where we came from. Just as we were leaving, Annie said something to my Mom calling her "Nana" and one of the fellows asks me quietly if she's my mother. I said yes. He snickers with embarrassement and mentions that he thought she was my older sister. Okay then.....

Today we returned to get more good deals. Again, this fellow remarks that my mom doesn't look very old and he sure thought she was my sister. Thanks again! Then the quiet fellow comes from the back and asks the very same question - is she your mother? He says she dresses so young in T-shirt and jeans. I told them both that this was very good news for my Mom and not so good news for me!!!

We all had a good laugh over this...some of us more than others!


Anonymous said...


Young lady you are getting younger and can't wait to sit, have tea and have you talk my ear off!!!
Thanks Shauna I sure will buy you ice cream this summer and I can't wait to see you and your family. It sounds and looks wonderful there...I think I'll have to look into getting my passport as well.
Gramma Cheryl

Kathy McFadden said... that story..and cna't wait to do some batking...I did do a batik piece quite a few years and so did Kerri in Melfort...maybe I should get a class going here at the church or some place like that. Dad is on his way home..1 week down and 6 to go...The weather here is about -10 in sunshine today and no discernible that is good...I am feeling quite abit better today and just had another toasted cheese my menu is a little more varied. I just hope the infection gets gone and stays going!!! I am envious of the wonderful trip Colleen and Art have had in such a wonderfully warm and magnificent country and can't wait to come. Love to all